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Member Quilts

Quilts listed alphabetically by maker’s last name in the Member Quilts exhibit only.

Entry # Last Name First Name Quilt Name
3648J (Beach)  Schumacher Marilyn Batik Stars
3649J (Beach)  Schumacher Marilyn When Mums Bloom, Snow Birds Go South
3987 Adams Kathleen Night Sky
3990 Adams Kathleen Yellow Brick Road
3985 Adams Kathleen Organic Emergence
3980J Adams Kathleen Wonky Bird
3859J Agena Mildred Crazy Tropical Stars
3822J Albright Donna Stars and Stripes
3824J Albright Donna Harvest Bounty
3746 Anderson Kathie Summer Carnival
3745 Anderson Kathie Patches and Pinwheels
3747 Anderson Kathie Grandpa George’s Cabin
3744 Anderson Kathie Saltbox Sampler
4060 Auten Doni Prairie Under the Stars
4094 Bailey Alene 2015 TAG
4070 Bailey Alene Basket of Flowers
3727 Barnes Jane Kansas City Star Flowers
3955J Barrett Patty Mayan Tradition
3951J Barrett Patty Tree Friends
3948J Barrett Patty Summertime
3941J Bartos Ilene Illumination:  Moonlight
3943J Bartos Ilene Forever Floral
3942J Bartos Ilene Colors of Fall
3969J Belling JoAnn Greensleeves
3967J Belling JoAnn Friendship 2 Quilt
3966J Belling JoAnn Stroke of Luck
3965J Belling JoAnn Multi-Colored Pineapple
3968J Belling JoAnn Will Brrrrr
4080J Belling Shari Huckleberry Harvest
4082J Belling Shari Vintage Love in a Modern World
4088J Belling Shari Cookies and Cream
3678 Bergeron Janet Self Portrait
3679 Bergeron Janet Color study
3677 Bergeron Janet Small Group Challenge Illumination
3680 Bergeron Janet Boro
4025 Bergeson Linda Shine!  Be the light
4066J Bernard Jennifer Land of the Free Because of the Brave
4068J Bernard Jennifer Mod Feather Weight Tote
4001J Blass Gwen J’aime Paris
4004J Blass Gwen Icaramba
3692 Blood Phyllis Rolling Stone Reprised
3782 Bonnes Wanda Row by Row
3749J Bortell Cynthia Reminisce
3748J Bortell Cynthia Vases of Flowers
3984J Brunnette Doris Candy Kisses
4093J Brunnette Doris Pineapple Twist
3989J Brunnette Doris Hashtag#Love
3994J Brunnette Doris Shimmer
3991J Brunnette Doris Twinkle
3685 Bryant Linda Labyrinth Walk
3688 Bryant Linda The Everything Goes Bag
3687 Bryant Linda Underground Railroad
3686 Bryant Linda Stairway to Heaven
3768 Callison Susan Michael’s Autumn Little Trips
3795 Cecil Mary I Love Pina Coladas
3792J Cecil Mary I’m Not Your Paper Doll
3791 Cecil Mary Nine Patch Crayon Box
3793J Cecil Mary Alaskan Memories
3846 Clark Carmen Shasta Christmas
3845 Clark Carmen Snowmen in the window
3946J Comes Cyndy Spiral Lone Star
3945J Comes Cyndy Serengeti Sunrise
3944J Comes Cyndy They Were Here First
3869 Conard Sue Pink Flowers
3865 Conard Sue Court House Steps
3833 Crawford Diane Ornament Mat
3832 Crawford Diane Dresden Vines
3830 Crawford Diane Among Friends
3826 Crawford Diane Ellie Phant
3827 Crawford Diane T
3828J Crawford Diane OMG
3743 Darnielle Sherry Pinwheel 5″ Square Challenge
3683J D’Iapico Judy Jacket
3737J D’Iapico Judy Labyrinth Walk & Then Some
4028J Dohse Sandi Idaho Farm Girl
4026J Dohse Sandi Becky’s Star Crossed
4027J Dohse Sandi Dashing Stars
3823J Dolezal Sue Patriotic Stars
3821J Dolezal Sue Allegiance
3860J Doy Julie Single Helix
3862J Doy Julie Ovalish
3866J Doy Julie Thunderstruck
3861 Doy Julie Bright Bargello
3863J Doy Julie Five Alive
3905 Earll Nancy Provence
3904J Earll Nancy Blooming Spring
3903J Earll Nancy Tropical Whimsey
3902J Earll Nancy Hop To It
3901J Earll Nancy Pinky
3908 Earll Nancy Flowering Heart
3907 Earll Nancy Another Part Of Me
3906 Earll Nancy Every Little Bit
3804 Edwards Carolyn Nine Pink Moons
3803J Edwards Carolyn Ugly Duckling
3802 Edwards Carolyn Cortana
3971J Evans Eva Marie Will You?
3972J Evans Eva Marie Structure
3978J Evans Eva Marie Pink Improv
3979J Evans Eva Marie Five Pink Dots
3981J Evans Eva Marie Triangle Whole Cloth
3982J Evans Eva Marie Modern Whole Cloth III
4059J Evans Eva Marie Indigo Dreaming
3970J Evans Eva Marie Ode to Matisse
3664J Evans Nancy Riverdance
4081 Fegan Jean Aurora
3929 Ferry Rod Garden Party
3928 Ferry Rod Summer Camp
3924J Frank Carol Blue Ice
3926J Frank Carol The Milky Way
3912J Fredricks Donita Chocolate Covered Cherries
3914J Fredricks Donita Pinwheels
3915J Fredricks Donita Birds and Blooms
3916J Fredricks Donita Star Gazing
4042 Gelder Joan Just Takes Two – Red Show
3919 Gilpin Linda Red Roses and Hearts
3917 Gilpin Linda Spring Garden
3918 Gilpin Linda Pink Flower Explosion
3670 Gogerty Anita Triangle Affair
3672 Gogerty Anita Illusions
3671 Gogerty Anita When Quilts Fly
3740J Hall Jan Dawn Breaks Over Philly
3739J Hall Jan A Castle in My Garden
3738J Hall Jan Unravelled
3778 Hanel Julie Yellow & Blue
3780 Hanel Julie Finally
3750 Hanel Julie Sprials
3779 Hanel Julie Squares in Squares
3618J Hanna Patricia Hope of Glory
3814 Harding Stacy By Ringo Lake
3815 Harding Stacy Half Square Scraps
4043 Hayes Coleen Nickel Challenge
4045 Hayes Coleen Harvest Time Memories
4044 Hayes Coleen Autumn Splendor
3883 Hayes Janora Nickel Spools
3882 Hayes Janora Log Cabin Wreath
3884 Hayes Janora Sweet Dreams
3636 Hedlund Rosemary Metanioa
3620 Hedlund Rosemary Embroidered Baby Quilt
4091 Henrichs Colleen Scrap Hourglasses
4090 Henrichs Colleen Rainbow Jelly Beans
3723 Henrichs Martha Improv Stripes
3717 Henrichs Martha Crazy Stars
3721 Henrichs Martha Round the Bend
3720J Henrichs Martha Zumi
3719J Henrichs Martha Grapevine
3724 Henrichs Martha Red Bird Table Mat
3718 Henrichs Martha Moondance
4078J Henry Brooke Fried Green Tomatoes
4077J Henry Brooke Foot Loops and Milk
4021 Hjelmeland Pat Tranquility
4024 Hjelmeland Pat Seedlings
4023 Hjelmeland Pat Snowballed
4022 Hjelmeland Pat Home Tweet Home
4019J Holt Terry Kansas Star Revisited
4017J Holt Terry Maybe Owl Straighten Up
3708 Horn Donna In The Meadow
3710 Horn Donna Modern Geese
3709 Horn Donna Who is in the Zoo?
3711 Horn Donna Nerve Cell
3712 Horn Donna The Strawberry Thief
3713 Horn Donna Fireflies
3714 Horn Donna Fractured LeMoyne Star
3715 Horn Donna Orchid
3645J Huntington Ginny Sierra Nevada (snowy mountains)
3646 Huntington Ginny Santa Loves You
3854 Irmiter Becky Monarch in Flight
3857 Irmiter Becky A Pop of Red
3853 Irmiter Becky Dresden Star
3856 Irmiter Becky Where’s the Ghosts?
3855 Irmiter Becky Pink in a Pot
4006J Jacobson Tony Blood Shot: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
4012J Jacobson Tony Victoria Was Here
4014J Jacobson Tony 35
4005J Jacobson Tony Remnants
3753 Johnson Dueana Splendid Stars
3725 Johnson Dueana Scrappy Stars
3940J Johnson Patricia Gardens of Florence
4031J Jome Jan Scraps Galore
3676 Jones Barbara Light in the City
3885J Kessler Vicky Welcome Y’all
3886J Kessler Vicky Evening Bloom
3701J Kimball Deb Bunny in the Meadow
3707J Kimball Deb Autumn Colors
3700J Kimball Deb Blue and Burgandy Wall Quilt
3702J Kimball Deb Kaff Fassett Housing Project
3703J Kimball Deb My Enchanted Garden
3704J Kimball Deb Grey and Friends
3705J Kimball Deb Hearts and Flowers
3706J Kimball Deb Wellesley
3699J Kimball Deb Summer Table Top
3898J Kirk Peggy Not Diverta’s LeMoyne Star
3897J Kirk Peggy JP’s Flower Garden
3619J Kirkbride Carol Vintage Farm Girl
3666J Kirkbride Carol Come Dive with Me
3829J Kirkbride Carol On Ringo Lake
3831J Kirkbride Carol Counting Sheep
3665J Kirkbride Carol Liberty
3732J Klatt Martha That Which is Not Used Reverts Back to Nature
3731J Klatt Martha Shadow Play
3729J Klatt Martha Judge said, “Strive to Make Your Borders Straight”
3734J Klatt Martha Sunset Starfish
3733J Klatt Martha Smokey River
3764 Knight Carol Pass the pimento please
3788 Koscielak Susan Farmer’s Wife
3852J Lanning Sandra Route 66 “Vintage Tin”
3851 Lanning Sandra Winter Reindeer
3850 Lanning Sandra My Appliqued Flowers
3849 Lanning Sandra Kansas City Star Quilt Group Challenge
3958J Lawrence Angela Paris
3767J Lee Kristen Pacific Star
3899 Livingood Abigail Zapped
3900 Livingood Abigail Crack in tThe Wall
3755J Luchtenburg Marj In Lock-Step
3756J Luchtenburg Marj Poppies
3754J Luchtenburg Marj Round the World
3751 Luchtenburg Marj Cracked
3812J Lussie Leigh A Tribute to Lucy Kemper
3808J Lussie Leigh Discovery, Mystery Quilt
3809J Lussie Leigh Ann’s Legacy
3810J Lussie Leigh China Shop
3811J Lussie Leigh The Village
3937 Macon Karen Flower Stalls
3936 Macon Karen Downton Abbey Florentine
3935 Macon Karen Eclectic Elements
3938 Macon Karen Twilight
4065J Magnani Carolyn S. Bedazzled
3879 Malmquist Nancy Eggs and Bacon
4032 Malmquist Nancy Nickel Twister
3952J Martin Mary BloomsGalore
4033J Martin Mary Winter’s Calm
3947J Martin Mary Barns  –  A Thing of the Past
3949J Martin Mary Mama and Baby Zola
3954J Martin Mary Earthenware Jars
3953J Martin Mary Prairie Flowers and Quilts
3950J Martin Mary The “Chicks”
3653 Martin Susie What is Black & White and Red All Over?
3655 Martin Susie Texas Two-Step
3657 Martin Susie What is Old, is New Again
3658 Martin Susie Fun in the Cabin
3654 Martin Susie Dot, Dot, Goose
3825 Martinez Marilyn Wild in the Woods
4008J Martisovitsova Daniela I Have Not Forgotten You
4010J Martisovitsova Daniela On the Go – Go Sew
4011J Martisovitsova Daniela The Bluebird of Happiness
4007J Martisovitsova Daniela My Pony Express Trail
3694J Mathern Arda Biblical Blocks
4076 Mathern Arda Collage Cactus Sampler
4029J Mathers Betty Off the Grid
4089J Mathers Betty Waves of Color
4087J Mathers Betty Crazy for Color
3925J May Mary Gianna’s Quilt
3927 May Mary Half Square Triangle Sampler
3839J McBroom Jill Follow Your Arrow
3844J McBroom Jill Jaime’s Mermaid
3766J McFarling Theresa Woodland Whimsy
3765J McFarling Theresa My Meadow
3878J Meisenheimer Sharon Australian Aborigine Turtle
3881J Meisenheimer Sharon Follow Your Heart
3660 Midkiff Ginny Alpine Nine Patch
4073 Miller Carol Modern Attempt
4072J Miller Kelli A Touch of Blue
3997 Moehlmann Marilyn Kaleidoscope
3995 Moehlmann Marilyn Lovely Lattice
3896J Montet Linda Antique Sampler
3895J Montet Linda Ziggy Stripes
3894J Montet Linda Bird Watch
3761 Moore Joyce Black & White And Red in the Corner
3763 Moore Joyce Scrappy Batik Stars
3762 Moore Joyce Sunset on the Water
3913 Moore Joyce Boy, Have I Improved
3684 Mueggenberg Carol Junctions
4015 Myers Diane Blue Hawaii
4009 Myers Diane Winter Wonderland
4016 Myers Diane Happiness
3837 Ohmart Cindy You Make Me Dizzy
3770 Osborn LaDonna Beach Haven
3769J Osborn LaDonna Mystical Prism
3691 Patton Kathy Believe in Us
3787J Pearson Marge Olivia and Tula with Friends
3786J Pearson Marge Spunky Baskets
3891J Pearson Marge Scraps with Style
3784J Pearson Marge Gypsy Memories
3789J Pearson Marge Kaffe Collection
3956 Peterson Kris Better Late Than Never
3959 Peterson Kris Easier Said Than Done
3957 Peterson Kris Cowboy’s Sweetheart
3962 Pittman Janet Manuscript
3960J Pittman Janet Summer Lightning
3964 Pittman Janet Reflections
3961 Pittman Janet Climbing Wall
3963 Pittman Janet Shimmering Squares
3999J Prose Julee Elizabeth Paulina’s Wedding Quilt
4000J Prose Julee Home & Garden
3772 Reber Callie Kid’s Class
3741 Reber Jill Pastel Parade
3638 Reber Jill Christmas 101
3604 Reber Jill Windy
3617 Reber Jill Churn Dash Revisited
3616 Reber Jill Baskets of Plenty
3742 Reber Jill 30’s Scrappy Stars
3605 Reber Jill Windy Too!
3637 Reber Jill Little Bit of Blue
3606 Reber Jill Bunny Hunny
3615 Reber Jill Oak Leaf and Reel
4063 Reber McKenzie Tiles
3622J Riggs Barbara Claude’s Chair
3623J Riggs Barbara Naughty Kitty
3624J Riggs Barbara Sunset On Bluebird Pond
3625J Riggs Barbara Cardinal Gathering
3627J Riggs Barbara Trees Make Paper, Paper Makes Trees
3626 Riggs Barbara Lunar Eclipse
3910 Roen Gwen Crossroads
3909 Roen Gwen Scrappy Strips
3911 Roen Gwen Braided Love
3923 Roloff Paula Quinn’s Bouquet
3922 Roloff Paula Kenzie’s  Butterflies
3695 Rotert Joan I Spy
3696J Rotert Joan Panama Petunia
3805J Rounceville Chris The Caswell Quilt c. 1835
3974J Safris Kathy Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Updated
3975 Safris Kathy French General and Reproductions
3973J Safris Kathy Field of Butterflies
3931 Sayler Rhonda Triangle Square Sampler
3930J Sayler Rhonda Starry Night
3932 Sayler Rhonda Cup of Tea
4046J Schanus Linda Yellow  Daisy
4048 Schanus Linda Lanterns
4047J Schanus Linda Detritus
3875J Schminke Linda Stars in the Limelight
3874J Schminke Linda My Guy Loves Red!
3873J Schminke Linda Perhaps They Are Not Stars
3880J Schminke Linda Linked Legacies
3877J Schminke Linda Done Under 10!
4053 Schrag Phyllis Outer Galaxy
4055 Schrag Phyllis Friendship Quilt
4057 Schrag Phyllis Snow Bound
4058 Schrag Phyllis Whispering Pines
3888J Shotwell Mary Fun Times With Delilah
3889J Shotwell Mary Solitary Dresden
3890J Shotwell Mary From My Career In The Mental Health Field
3893J Shotwell Mary The Stories in These Ties
3892J Shotwell Mary My Small World
3887J Shotwell Mary My Gardenhurst
3610 Simons Margaret Puzzling to Me
3609 Simons Margaret Ribbon Floral
4079 Simpson Debora Split 9-Patch
3992 Smalley Barbara 30s Daisy
3996 Smalley Barbara Lady in Black & White
3797J Smith Ellen Kelly Winter Window
3836J Smith Ellen Kelly Petals in the Garden
3796J Smith Ellen Kelly WInter Blessings
3798J Smith Ellen Kelly Anna’s Garden
3838J Smith Ellen Kelly Swan Lake
3614 Stevens Kathleen Fireworks
3613 Stevens Kathleen Night Flight
3641 Street Sherri Sidewalk Sashay
3640 Street Sherri Believe Leaves
3639J Street Sherri Tequila Sunrise
3643J Street Sherri Flowerboxes
3642J Street Sherri Hollyhocks Around the Barn
3977J Tague Mary Total Eclipse
3976J Tague Mary Batik Play Time
4035 Taylor Aileen Triple Twist
4034 Taylor Aileen Circles of Gold
4041 Taylor Aileen Wheels and Circles
4040 Taylor Aileen Pretty Petals of Paris
4037 Taylor Aileen Happy Days
4036 Taylor Aileen YEAH for Quilt Shops, Post Cards & Post Marks
3834J The Scrap Stars (Stacy Harding) Headed in the Right Direction
4075 Thomas-McGinnis Emma Modern Nine-Patch
4071J Thomas-McGinnis Emma Rainbow Hexabursts
4054 Tilman Connie Penguin Paradise
4052 Tilman Connie Aviary
3921J Turner Sharon Eventide
3920J Turner Sharon Salem Witches Quilt Guild
3983 Voyce Elaine New York Beauty Visits the Japanese Gardens
3669 Walter Jan Marine Terry’s Quilt
3632J Watts-McPhail Tamara Purple Coneflowers
3790J Watts-McPhail Tamara Christmas in July
3628J Watts-McPhail Tamara Finally! Frogs!
3629J Watts-McPhail Tamara Christmas Jelly
3631J Watts-McPhail Tamara All About Ewe
3633J Watts-McPhail Tamara Basket of Posies
3634J Watts-McPhail Tamara Christmas Pineapple
3635J Watts-McPhail Tamara Merry Christmas
3630J Watts-McPhail Tamara Flies with the Stars
3690 Weber Patricia Diversity
3689 Weber Patricia Dreaming in Color
3933J Weeks Shelly On Ringo Lake (Variation)
3934 Weeks Shelly Cephalopode
3775J Weeks Shelly Sunset on Water
3800J Williams Vickie 25 days of Christmas
3776J Williams Vickie Labyrinth
3777 Williams Vickie Ornamental Bliss
3799J Williams Vickie Big Tulips
3611 Wilson Deanna Jacobean Arbor
3870J Winnett Dee Wedding Quilt
3871J Winnett Dee The Fairy Quilt
3872J Winnett Dee Heritage Stars
3840J Witzenburg Lynn Wildflowers
3842J Witzenburg Lynn Andrew’s Quilt
3843J Witzenburg Lynn Log Cabin Wedding Quilt
3988J Woten Karen Prairie dog creek
4084 Zimmerman Lola Striped Dresdens

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“Watch Us Shine!”

Thursday through Saturday
September 27, 28 & 29, 2018

In the 4-H Building on the Iowa State
Fair Grounds in Des Moines

Show Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM Thursday and Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday

Special Exhibits Include:

  • Quilts of Valor
  • Treasured Quilts with a Star Theme
  • Special Appliqué Display
  • Iowa Artist Quilts with a Botanical Theme
  • Community Giving
  • 2017 President’s Challenge
  • Sew-In for Charity Quilts

Classroom schedule:

Thursday, September 27
and Friday, September 28:

  • 10:00 AM Vendor Demo
  • 11:00 AM Quilt Turning/Stories
  • 12:30 PM Vendor Demo
  • 2:30 PM Quilt Turning/Stories
  • 3:30 PM Vendor Demo
  • 4:30 PM Quilts of Valor Presentation

Saturday, September 29:

  • 10:00 AM Vendor Demo
  • 11:00 AM Quilt Turning/Stories
  • 12:30 PM Vendor Demo
  • 2:30 PM Quilt Turning/Stories
  • 3:30 PM Quilts of Valor Presentation