Quilt Show

2015 Quilt Show: Building Friendships through Quilting

Des Moines Area Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show

September 30-October 3, 2015

Iowa Events Center, 730 3rd St, Des Moines, IA

Our quilt show is a “Show within a Show”– Held in conjunction with American Quilter’s Society Quilt Week and Show. Our guild’s quilt show includes approximately 400 member quilts, and around 100 quilts in our Silent Auction, several special exhibits including “Quilts Built with Friends” and a large display of quilts donated by members to a variety of local charities, including Habitat for Humanity.
Visit www.quiltweek.com for details on the national quilt show, along with registration information and a list of classes and lectures.


2015 DMAQG Quilt Show Entries

The deadline to enter will be July 28, 2015.



All DMAQG members are encouraged to enter your quilts into the 2015 Quilt Show.

Other dates to know about entries:
Sept 17-24  Judged Quilts are due. Turn in sites to be announced at a later date
Sept 17-26  Non-Judged Quits are due.  Turn in site to be announced at a later date
Oct 3 Quilts must be picked up in person after the show


2015 Quilt Show Volunteers

Check back the end of July for the Quilt Show Volunteer Link.

– Diane Crawford & Cindy Ohmart,
2015 Quilt Show Co-Chairs


Calling all Small Groups within the Guild

The theme for this year’s fall Special Guild Exhibit is “Building Friendships Through Quilting”.  We are inviting each Small Group to help us highlight the work, fun, accomplishments and play of their small groups.  Ellen Kelly Smith is the contact person for the Special Exhibit and will be in touch with a representative of your small group about being part of our exhibit.

We hope you will share stories of your group and display group projects. We have heard that many of you have made some type of friendship quilt, round Robin Quilt or challenge quilt and we would love to have examples of this work for the display. We will be asking for some quilts to display at the show as well as photos and a few stories (humorous or otherwise) from your group. The committee will help with the display poster for each group so that the exhibit is coordinated.

We will need the name of your small group, along with a list of its members and a contact name and phone number. Please talk about this at your next small group meeting and be prepared to provide the information listed above by the end of April. We welcome your ideas on how to highlight the wonderful friendships that develop through our quilting together. Start talking. We know you’ll have great ideas.

Please email Ellen Smith your small group members and the contact phone number.  Ellen’s phone numbers are (home) 515-279-2218 and (cell) 515-443-3001. Looking forward to hearing from you during the next month.