Quilt Show

2014 Quilt Show News

October 1-4, 2014

The theme for this year’s show is “A Symphony of Quilts”
Our show quilt is blue/white and the pattern is a variation on Jacob’s Ladder. The quilt is being hand quilted at Sacred Heart Church in West Des Moines on Wednesday mornings from 9-noon. You are welcome to join us!  Missie Carpenter is working on a way to get raffle tickets to our membership before the quilt show.

Two new categories, “Modern Quilts” and “Mixed Technique Miniature”, will be added this year. More details will be available around quilt registration time.

Leigh Lussie is planning something new for the little quilts!  You will hear more about this later in the year.  The size is the same as last year, 24″ for each of the four sides for a total circumference of 96″ or smaller. We would again like to have bags, purses and totes.

Watch this space and the newsletter for more information as the show approaches!

Kathie Anderson and Deanna Wilson
2014 Quilt Show Co-Chairs  

2014 Quilt Show Special Exhibit

“A Quilt That Makes My Heart Sing”

What comes to mind when you hear that phrase?  Every quilter has a quilt which speaks to your heart and we hope you will share that quilt with us for a special exhibit at our 2014 DMAQG Quilt Show October 1-4.

A quilt for a special person….
One you’ve worked on and finally finished and it came out better than you thought….
That special fabric you found….
Finally using all those pieces you’ve been saving….
Completing your 100th quilt….
A quilt for someone in need….
The new grandbaby….
The wedding…..
A memory quilt….
A quilt that has been handed down to you…..
A quilt someone made especially for you…..

We ask you to reflect on your quilts (ones made by you or someone else) and select one you might like to enter in this year’s special exhibit.  We will want you to share the story of why this quilt makes your heart sing.  Your story will be displayed with your quilt entry.

You have until June 15 to enter a quilt, however, we have somewhat limited space for this exhibit.  We will need the following information submitted with your entry:
Your name, contact phone number and email.
The dimensions of your quilt: width times length.
A brief paragraph about why this quilt makes your heart sing.  If your quilt is accepted for the exhibit, we will request a more detailed history to be displayed on a poster along with your quilt.
A digital picture of your quilt to help us plan and balance the display.
For the quilts which will be in the special display:
They should not be in the current quilt show or have been displayed in the 2013 show.
There will be no judging of the quilts in this exhibit.
These quilts do not need sleeves to be displayed.
You will receive additional information about drop-off, labels, etc., after the entry deadline of June 15.
We are excited about our special exhibit for this year’s quilt show and look forward to seeing “what makes your heart sing.”

Please contact Ellen Kelly Smith, with your entry by June 15, 2014, ellenwkelly@hotmail.com, phone 515-279-2218.

2014 Quilt Show

New Hanging Sleeve Requirement

Due to changes regarding our lack of floor coverings during the quilt show and to ensure that your quilts will hang off the floor, we are requiring that all quilts longer than 96″ have the sleeve attached to the back 95″ from the bottom of the quilt.  All quilts 96″ and shorter will have the sleeve remain at the top of the quilt.

How To:  Layout your quilt on a flat surface.  Measure 95″ from the bottom of the quilt and mark across the back of the quilt.  Put the top of the sleeve along this line and attach to the back of the quilt in your preferred method.

We appreciate your cooperation as we transition to this new rule.

Please feel free to contact Jill Reber, jillreber@yahoo.com, regarding any questions.
The Quilt Show Hanging Team