Meetings Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at Des Moines Christian Church
at 1 pm and 7 pm

Community Outreach

Current Community Outreach Projects

Due to Covid-19 Our Commitees Have Changed Focus and Ways of Working

Covid-19 Face Mask Sewing Details

As we move forward the cases of Covid-19 continue to be high in the state so wearing masks is even more important now than ever.  The last of the masks we had made were delivered on August 31st.  We are officially on break but we do have an ongoing request from the Veterans Hospital. Please consider making a few more masks to donate to the VA. All types of masks are appreciated while pleated masks with elastic or t-shirt ties are preferred.  If you are willing to sew more masks, please bring them to the next quilt drop-off September 22nd at the West Des Moines Christian Church between 1-3:00 pm.  You may also email Kim at to arrange another time and place.

Thank you again for helping with making masks and help keep our communities safer. 

Mask Numbers to Cheer!

17,079 Total Masks for Round 2 (July 20th-August 15)
14,375 Masks delivered to the Des Moines Public Schools
3,000 T-shirt ties made by Helen Nielsen
2,704  Masks delivered to the refugees in Cedar Rapids following the derecho, VA, Creative Visions, Children and Families of Iowa, Child Serve (August donations in addition to DMPS)
1,500+ Yards of fabric needed
525 Hand cut and sewn Olson masks for pre-K by Sharon M.
504 Kits cut and made available at Lion’s Park
32+ Tubs of fabric used from Sharon’s basement
153 People who made masks for the DMPS
84 Non-guild members who helped sew masks
79 Guild members who helped sew masks
43 Number of school buildings served in the DMPS
25 Number of masks in each kit
7 Number of different size/styles of masks offered
6 scheduled pick-up and drop-off days at Lion’s Park in Urbandale
7 Guild members helping at Lion’s Park:  Elaine V., Carol H., Beth F., Mary F., Sandy P., Phylis B., and Kim P.
3 AccuQuilt cutters:  Elaine V., Marilynn D., and Kim P.
1  Amazing job by the Des Moines Area Quilter’s Guild!

Community Giving Opportunities

We can’t get together in person, but we can still make a difference together! Our communities continue to need quilts!!

Our August Community Giving Day was a huge success!

  • 37 quilts were checked out for quilting
  • 34 quilts were checked out for binding
  • 105 Kid’s Quilt kits were picked up
  • Also that day, our members turned in 73 finished quilts!!
  • 48 quilt tops, 21 placemats, 3 pillowcases, and one bag!
  • Over the past few weeks, over 300 quilts have been donated to agencies, including Cedar Rapids storm relief, Family Promise, Nurse Navigators, Mosaic in Central Iowa, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Habitat for Humanity, Heal House of Warren County, and Bidwell Riverside Preschool.

Another Community Giving Day has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

Join us from 1-3 pm or 6-7 pm at the West Des Moines Christian Church, 4501 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines. We will meet in the parking lot. Please wear your mask and practice social distancing.
There will be a variety of Community Giving quilt kits from which to choose. Precut kits to make the simple Kid’s Quilts will be available. We have tops with backing and batting to be quilted. Finished quilts, tops, pillow cases, and placemats may be turned in. We are also in need of larger pieces of fabric, 2 or more yards, suitable for backings. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on September 22!
If you have questions, email Mary Franck
Thanks to everyone for participating! Together we make a difference!

Since 2018 Community Giving and Education Outreach committees have been working together to better use all of our resources. 

Community Outreach:  Mary Franck and Carol Hendrick
Education Outreach:  Sharon Meisenheimer and Jill Reber

Community Giving

In 2019 206 finished quilts were donated from the members of the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild to a total of 11 agencies.   The primary agencies were:

  •    ALS Foundation, Iowa Chapter/Family Assistance Program 
  •    Bidwell Riverside Center-Holiday gifts for kids
  •    Blank Children’s Hospital -NICU
  •    Habitat for Humanity 
  •    MercyOne Children’s Hospital,Des Moines 
  •    On With Life – rehabilitation center 
  •    Refugee Relocation Program/Catholic Charities 
  •    Sleep in Heavenly Peace-Iowa (Bunk beds for kids in need)

Our focus for 2020 will be to continue providing quilts for those in need. The sizes we are looking for are in these ranges:

  • BABY Quilts –   36 x 36
  • KIDS Quilts –  40s x 60s      
  • LAP Quilts –  50s x 70s for Habitat for Humanity, House of Mercy + others
  • TWIN Quilts – 60s x 80s for Sleep in Heavenly Peace, JOPPA, Refugee Relocation + others
  •  RED/WHITE/BLUE Quilts – any size for Veterans Home   

We appreciate your generosity In sharing your talent with those in need of assistance in our community.

Education Committee

The goal of the Education part of the Community Giving Committee is to serve the community and educate others about quilting.  With those goals in mind the committee endeavors to teach quilting skills and make donations to many agencies that help the community. 

The Kids Classes, an annual summer activity. We hold all classes at the Pleasant Hill Library.  We have to beginner classes with a simple design and one two day class for the advanced class, where they can choose a bit more complicated design.

The State Fair Sew-In was also a huge success with 642 quilts completed, in 2019.  These were donated to:

  • Bidwell Riverside Pre-school      
  •  Camp Dodge Family Services
  • Angel Tree Camp
  • Children’s Behavioral Health Unit of Lutheran Hospital
  •  Lutheran Social Services of Iowa
  • Child Serve
  •  Adoption Saturday
  •  Family Promise
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace
  •  House of Mercy  
  • Polk County DHS

Additional agencies are being investigated.

The Creative Vision Quilting Class is continuing to help inner city ladies learn to quilt.  Each week during the school year 8-20 ladies come to sew.  Members of the guild help with instruction, pinning quilts, cutting blocks, and making kits. Around 120 quilts were made in 2019.  Clothing construction has been very popular with ladies making clothing for themselves and their families. Quilting is the common language in these classes, with English being learned as the ladies sew and communicate with fellow quilters.

The Charity Fabric Closet is maintained with donations from Guild members and members of the community.  Creekside Quilting continues to have a donation basket that enables people to give fabric.  The Fabric Closet provides fabric to anyone who needs fabric for their charity project.  This year the following groups have found needed fabric:

  • Des Moines Schools Home Arts Department
  • Quilts for Men
  • Days for Girls (6-8 groups)
  • DMAQG Charity Auction
  • Mall in the Hall left over items
    • West Des Moines Senior Center
    • Capital Hill Clothes Closet
    • Jefferson Methodist Church
    • Des Moines School Programs
    • Many Hands Thrift Store
    • Planned Parenthood Book Sale
    • ARL
  • Cary Christian Center in Mississippi (state fair batting and fabric scraps), they made 15 boppys for nursing mothers.
  • Little Dresses for Africa
  • West Des Moines Home Arts (9th grade)

Several small groups and individuals have taken on special projects that help to support the work of this committee:

  • Warren County Piece Makers-Nancy DeLay (200   large quilt kits)
  • Binding Sisters (Yards of binding for the fair)
  • Patchwork Pals ( whatever needs to be done)
  • Creekside Quilting (2 yard cuts and donation basket space)
  • Warm and Natural Batting Co. (batting)
  • Metro Sales and Service (service on 15 machines)
  • Piecework Quilt Shop (fabric)
  • Woodside Quilting (fabric)
  • Leo 9 Textiles (many bolts of fabric)
  • In-Stitches in Memory of Diane Myers (fabric)
  • Roberts Biro (fabric)
  • June Hyatt (fabric and notions)
  • Shenandoah Corner Quilters-Mems Henstorf (strips, binding, fabric)
  • Creative Vision Pinning Committee- sorting, pricing, making kits and organizing the Fabric Closet and work space)
  • Guild members ( cutting bags of fabric for strips and blocks)

The Education Committee wishes to thank all who help us have to have a successful year meeting the goals of the guild.  It takes a lot of people helping out to do all the things we do.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!