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Upcoming Program

December Tea and Annual Meeting of the DMAQG


Saturday, December 4, 2010

9:30 A.M.

WDM Learning Center

3550 Mills Civic Parkway

West Des Moines

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Please come to the December Tea and Annual Meeting of the DMAQG. This is a time for socializing and eating goodies, choosing your favorite President's Challenge Quilt and electing new officers. It is also your first opportunity to sign up for the workshops that Val Russell has lined up for 2011.

Another item of business at the annual meeting is the reading and approval of the minutes from the 2009 meeting. Please review the minutes from last year's meeting which are located on the Guild's website.

Click here for 2009 Minutes 

Remember to bring your plate of goodies to share. The Guild promises to provide the coffee.

See you all there!





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 Newsletter Issues
Piecetime News
November-December 2010

I ran away this weekend with my boyfriend to Northeast Iowa.  Well he's been my boyfriend and husband for 36 years.  It's beautiful, the leaves have fallen, the Mississippi is full of barge traffic taking the bounty of the harvest to other places, and we have built a cozy fire to take the chill out of the air.  It's my favorite time of year to quilt.  I love the colors of a new project,  the warmth of a quilt as I sit hand quilting and unless you're allergic to wool, who can resist working with it's warm colors and texture. 


DECEMBER 4 TEA:  I hope you are planning on joining us for the December 4 Tea. It is a time of sharing with old friends and getting to know new friends.                             


Bring a plate of your favorite treats to share


First day to sign up for 2011 classes and those that sign up at the tea are first on the list. 


We will have show and tell so bring those gifts you are planning on giving.             


Remember your "Winter Wonderland" Challenge project.  I am scurrying to get mine done. 


SPECIAL THANKS to this year's Board Members.  It has been a privilege and honor to be a part of this group.  They are talented, giving, and willing to handle business issues readily. Those leaving the Board/Committees  this year are: Joan Rotert, Pat Hjelmland, Missie Carpenter, Mary Martin, Peggy Kirk, Beth Hromyak, Lisa Flyr, Barb Snuggs, Julia Shire, and Carolyn Freeland.  I apologize for the short notice on appreciation gifts. We will accept gifts at the January meeting as well if you would like to give but don't have time to get ready before the tea and we will get those distributed. 


Board/Committee Members for 2011. The Nominees are in bold.  I know how busy life is and adding another set of meetings and demands can be intimidating. I appreciate their willingness to step into their positions and look forward to another great year!  


President                          Diane Thiese

Vice President                  Barb Smalley

Community Service          Carolyn Eliason & Deanna Wilson

Recording Secretary         Sandy Lanning

Corresponding Secretary   Lorraine Gibbons

Newsletter                         Linda Enghausen

Web Site                           Nancy Sharr

Treasurer                          Gerri Hingst

Library                               Helen Riggenberg & Susan Guess

Program Chair                   Val Russell

Program Chair Elects         Judy Proska & Linda Montet

Retreat                              Arda Mathern & Margaret Simons

Education                          Sharon Meisenheimer & Jill Reber

Quilt Show Chairs              Martha Henrichs & Kathi Russi

Quilt Show Chairs Elect     Marsha Jacobs & Ann Reed

Directors at Large              Carol Thomason & Pat Knight


Diane Thiese---President

Upcoming 2011 Workshops

The mission of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild is to stimulate an interest in quilts and quilt making, educating its members, and provide for the inter-change of information.  (Adopted -- September 20, 2003).

You may mail your workshop registration to Val Russell.
Her address is on the registration form.  If you have any questions, please contact Val via email at  

The location for the January workshops will be at the West Des Moines Christian Church at 4501 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines.  We will meet in Building #3 which is the one closest to Prairie Life Fitness. 
Sue Spargo  
Wednesday, January 26 (9am - 4pm) -- ALTERED TEXTURE FLOWER BASKET -- Uses hand dyed wools.  Add embellishments to give it personality. You will need to stitch a little appliqué down before class so you will need to pick up the $32 kit at the Guild meeting before the class so some work can be done prior to class

Thursday, January 27 (9am - 4pm) -- TWO BIRDS FROM MAGNOLIA -- The workshop will focus on the two birds block of Sue's Magnolia quilt.  She uses hand dyed wools for many of her quilts.  Requires a $32 kit (this is NOT the same as Wednesday's class kit).


Elsie Campbell

Wednesday, February 23 (9am - 4pm) -- FUN WITH FLOWERS -- Turn scraps into an appliquéd floral medallion wall quilt. Paper-backed fusible webbing makes it easy.  Your imagination makes it beautiful.


Thursday, February 24 27 (9am - 4pm) -- SEEING STARS?!!! -- Piece perfect stars with pointers from Elsie. She shares secrets for preventing belly-button centers and pin-wheeling points. From cutting and stitching to pressing and setting in triangles and squares, this class covers it all!

Rose Hughes  
Wednesday, March 23 (9am - 4pm) -- DOUBLE- QUILT APPLIQUE -- In this workshop you will learn two machine applique techniques that are not only easy to achieve but will open new doors to your creativity.

Thursday, March 24 (9am - 4pm) -- WHAT's ON TOP? EMBELLISHMENT!  -- In this class we'll explore the varied and delightfully creative forms embellishments can take in our work, and how you can use them to add drama, whimsy, character and sparkle to your quilts.


Wendy Butler Berns
Wednesday, April 27 (9am - 4pm) -- CREATING CAPTIVATING COLORFUL QUILTS -- Begin to take the mystery out of confusing fabric choices. Develop confidence in choosing fabrics and understanding more about color dynamics.  This is a technique and project based class..


Thursday, April 28 (9am - 4pm) -- CAPTIVATING CONE FLOWER -- Learn the process of creating simple pictorial quilts from a photograph or picture.



Karen Eckmeier  
Wednesday, May 25 (9am - 4pm) -- ACCIDENTAL LANDSCAPES: BEACHES -- Here is an introduction to creating landscapes "accidentally" using Karen's layered topstitching technique. These little beach scenes are quick and easy to make, no templates, no fuss--just free form rotary cutting and topstitched edges. Personalize your beach by adding collage details like a dune fence, beach grass, shells, sailboats, beach chairs, umbrellas, lighthouses, photo transfers, etc.

Thursday, May 26 (9am - 4pm) -- HAPPY VILLAGES/FABRIC COLLAGE -- Explore the freedom of fabric collage! No seams to piece or match, no lines to trace ... Just free form cutting of step and window shapes. Step by step your little village will magically come to life.


Nancy Prince  
Wednesday, June 29 (9am - 4pm) -- THREAD PAINTED LANDSCAPES -- Introduces two thread painting techniques.  You will learn how simple thread painting is. A zigzag or straight stitch are the only stitches necessary to create amazing thread painted designs. No artistic skill is needed so come join us for a day full of fun. Simple designs have been selected to boost your confidence right away. 

Thursday, June 30 (9am - 4pm) -- SHADING AND BLENDING WITH THREAD -- This workshop will introduce you to a simple way of blending and shading with thread. The process might seem complicated, but Nancy's step-by-step approach will show you how choosing the correct thread colors and the color-coded design makes thread painting the design a snap. It's easy and way too much fun!!



Joanie Zeier Poole  
Wednesday, July 27 (9am - 4pm) --  CHOOSING, ADAPTING, AND USING QUILTING DESIGNS --
Plan for a day of fun and discovery creating your own quilting designs with Joanie's easy paper template method! Using simple tools and skills from the art world, learn to manipulate almost any image, including stencils and paper patterns, to fill the quilt top with perfectly coordinating squares, triangles and multi-sized borders. Prior to class, each student constructs a small quilt top that is used to demonstrate how various spaces are divided and filled and to show a variety of marking procedures. All experience levels, any quilting technique -- no machines required.  Material fee of $3.00 to be collected in class.

Thursday, July 28 (9am - 4pm) -- IVY WREATH REFINED FREE-MOTION -- In the tradition of the great wholecloth quilts, transform a solid piece of fabric into a work of beauty using the graceful Ivy Wreath design created especially for this class. Focus on refined free-motion techniques using the basic elements of Heirloom Machine Quilting: curvilinear motifs, grids, and stippling. Class includes information on essential supplies, machine set-up, marking, basting, navigating the design, plus time to begin stitching this beautiful project.  Requires:  $6.00 pattern and either the Ivory Sateen kit $22.00 or Willow Radiance kit $25.00.  Must be ordered in advance as students need to prewash, starch, and mark their projects before class.   

Anita Shackelford  
Wednesday, October 26 (9am - 4pm) -- BRODERIE PERSE APPLIQUE -- Take inspiration from a special fabric and design a chintz appliqué block in a style that is traditional or today. Practice both blind stitch and blanket stitch edges.

Thursday, October 27 (9am - 4pm) -- SPRING BOUQUET -- Create a bouquet of carnation, wildflowers and lily-of-the-valley tied with a bow. Techniques covered are corded stems, stuffed appliqué, two types of ruching, free-form berries and lily-of-the-valley, unit-appliqué ribbon and embroidery embellishment.  

Newcomers Meetings 

The Newcomer's Program for January will be held on Tuesday, January 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the Urbandale Library. The presenter will be announced in the January newsletter.

Remember to bring your finished projects and the projects you are currently working on. We will try to cover any issues you may be having on a current project.   

Adopt A Speaker

A number of members have indicated that they or their small group would like to take one of the speakers scheduled for 2011 to dinner.  If you or your small group would like to serve as a hostess to a particular speaker, please consider adopting that speaker while she is here for the guild programs and workshops.  This means that you or members of your small group will be responsible for meeting the speaker at the airport, taking them to the hotel, providing transportation to the guild for their program, providing transportation to and from the workshops, and taking her back to the airport for her departure.  Housing arrangements have already been made for the speakers.


Additionally, the hostess will take the speaker to dinner and lunches.  Traditionally, the speakers have been taken to Paradise Pizza for dinner with the board and other interested members between the afternoon meeting and evening meeting of the guild.   Except for this dinner, the hostess will be free to arrange all lunches and dinners for the speaker while she is here.


Sue Spargo and Nancy Prince have already been adopted.  The remaining speakers waiting to be adopted are:


Elsie Campbell in February

Rose Hughes in March

Wendy Butler Berns in April

Karen Eckmeier in May

Joanie Zeier Poole in July

Anita Shackelford in October


If you or your small group wish to adopt one of the speakers above, please contact Val Russell at or 641-447-2411

Community Service

Wow, this year has just flown by!  We've had a great time working with many of you and collecting your beautiful projects.  Thank you to everyone who took home our kits, attended our sewing days, donated fabric, batting, placemats, quilts, clothing protectors, pillowcases, pop can tabs, toiletries, socks and underwear, quilt tops and helped with binding and quilting.  That's a long list!!  In our final report at the December tea we will announce the total donated items and the top donors who will be treated to a luncheon on Saturday December 11.


On Tuesday, November 2 we spoke at several care facilities in Des Moines and made a short presentation about the Quilt Guild and how our Community Service projects reach out to those in need.  We displayed some of your donated items and some quilts both of us made.  If you know of a group or organization who might be interested in hearing a similar talk please contact us.


Carolyn Eliason and Joan Rotert

Co-chairs Community Service


Fall Retreat


What more could 55 quilters ask for on a beautiful autumn weekend but to join together for a weekend filled with quilting, fun, and friendship?


Highlights of the weekend include several people winning piles of fat quarters from Quilt bingo and Left, Right, Center; table massages; and many pillowcases collected for community service.


We extend a special thank you to Nan Earll and Marilyn Carlson for making fun nametags. We had so many door prizes and table favor donations from individuals and the Loose Threads small group - thank you so much for your generosity.


Welcome to the new retreat co-chairs Arda Mathern and Margaret Simons! The spring retreat will be held March 17-20, 2011, at Camp Wesley Woods. Registration forms will be available January 1st on the guild website. Room assignments are on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Thanks for four great retreats!

Lisa Flyr and Beth Hromyak, former retreat co-chairs.


Below is a picture of the incoming and outgoing retreat co-chairs


2010 fall retreat

              Arda, Lisa, Beth, and Margaret

Appreciation Gifts for Retiring Board Members 

It is time to thank your retiring board members for serving on the board. It is because of their dedicated service that we have such a great guild. Please show your appreciation for their hard work by purchasing fat quarters or making a hatchet block and bring them to the December Tea or to the January meeting.


The retiring board members and their choices for thank-you gifts are:


Missie Carpenter, Treasurer -- fat quarters of Jo Morton type reproduction (not her brand only) fabrics


Pat Hjelmeland, Corresponding Secretary -- either hatchet block or a fat quarter in a black and white print. 


Peggy Kirk, Program Chair -- signed hatchet block using batiks


Barb Snuggs, Quilt Show Co-Chair -- hatchet block and batiks any color

Julia Shires, Quilt Show Co-Chair -- fat quarter of the giver's choice


Beth Hromyak, Retreat Co-Chair -- fat quarter in either white, light cream, or yellow

Lisa Flyr, Retreat Co-Chair -- fat quarter in aqua or lime green


Joan Rotert, Community Service -- fat quarter in blues


Barb Nelson, Librarian -- donate 2 yard cuts to State Fair Kid's Sewing project


Mary Martin, Librarian - fat quarters of reproduction fabrics


Carolyn Freeland, Director at Large - does not wish to receive any fabric


Directions for 4" finished hatchet block

Cut the following for each block:

Background - one 4 1/2" square

Accent fabric - two 2 1/2" squares

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of each of the accent squares. Place one on a corner of the background square. Sew on the drawn line. Square up. Repeat on the opposite corner. Use a permanent marker to sign your block.


Membership Renewal 

It is time to renew your Guild membership. You can find the membership form by clicking here. We will also have forms available at the December tea.


Thank Yous 


We want to share with all the Guild members the thank yous received from several of the organizations that received money raised at the Annual Charity Auction held in August.


We received 3 thank yous from Hospice of Central Iowa.  View them by clicking these 3 links:

Hospice #1, Hospice #2, and Hospice #3


We also received a thank you from Susan G. Komen. View it by clicking this link: Komen



Remember to check out the DMAQG website for information such as upcoming quilt shows and other events taking place around the area, newsletter archive, as well as other useful information.