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At our next guild meeting on Tuesday, July 26, we welcome Joanie Zeire Poole. Joanie has had a lifelong passion for quilts and for pursuing an education in art, including a degree in graphic design. She creates original patterns for quilting, appliqué and embroidery through her company, Heirloom Quilting Designs. Using a home sewing machine, she has designed many award-winning quilts, earning Best of Show at both Road to California 2006 and Pacific International Quilt Festival 2006. 


The afternoon lecture topic is "Heirloom Quilting by Machine."


The evening lecture topic is "A Quarter Century of Quilts"

Guild meetings are held at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the West Des Moines United Methodist Church at 8th & Grand, in West  Des Moines 



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Choosing, Adapting, and Using Quilting Designs--Supply List available from Val Russell



2011-07-poole-back bonanza

Background Bonanza -- Supply List and Pattern available from Val Russell


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July 2011 



Ever have those days where you don't know if you are coming or going!  It's been one of those seasons for me.  I knew I was in trouble this morning when I woke up comparing the lives of bees and ants to frogs and turtles.  Oh how I wish I could quit buzzing around so fast and sit on a lily pad waiting for the next fly to come around. Well today I took the day off and guess what it's not to sit on a lily pad.  I am working to finish some things that have deadlines.  A couple of those items are for quilting and this morning when I sit back and look, the patterns are the whirl-i-gig with bright, bold colors and a wall hanging with ants stealing a piece of watermelon.  Remarkable our work often displays where we are in life and as much as I think I would like to change it, I think it is here to stay and I am glad for it.  I can't wait to see the Show & Tell each month, the quilts/small quilts that will be displayed in the show this year, and the State Fair Entries!  If you haven't sent in your entry forms, do it now!  If you have, it is much appreciated so our worker bees can find some time to sit on a lily pad far away from the frogs and turtles closer to show time!




As you may be aware, the church has a strict policy on any form of raffles on church properties.  They made us aware last week they have concerns about our quilt raffle and have asked us to honor their policy and discontinue any activities around the raffle when we are at the church or on church property.  This is a very common church request and I respect them for bringing it to our attention and working with us through this issue.  The church has been very good to us through many years, allowed us to call this our meeting place, and have provided space/set-up for reasonable charges.   They have made it clear to us they would like us to continue to hold our meetings at their church and hope as a guild we can work through this issue.   


We will no longer take monies or distribute tickets in any fashion for the raffle quilt as we have in the past at our meetings. The Quilt Show Committee has come up with the following process: 


Members can turn in raffle ticket money at the show or, prior to the show, it can be sent to Andra Sims. If you are going to mail money and tickets, please send a check, NOT cash, to Andra Sims, 495 South 51st Street, Unit 12, West Des Moines, IA 50265. If additional tickets to sell are needed, please contact Andra at 225-9426 or Martha Henrichs at 277-2357.


We know how important the raffle quilt has been in raising monies to offset show expenses and keeping our dues and class expenses low.  We will be discussing many options at our August 1 board meeting. 


As always if you have thoughts, let one of us know.  We will discuss many options around the raffle quilt/raffle process and are doing research on other meeting places.  It is important for us to take the time to make good logical decisions vs. emotional decisions for this.  We will keep you informed as we move through this process.  As I have stated before, we have the greatest board members.  They take their responsibilities very seriously and will work to see that the right decisions are made. 


Many, many thanks to Val Russell for working with the church and the communications she has kept the board aware of.  She works with the church staff monthly and has built a great working relationship with the church which has enabled us to work through this issue timely.   

See you at the meeting


Diane Thiese--President




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Upcoming 2011 Workshops  

The mission of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild is to stimulate an interest in quilts and quilt making, educating its members, and provide for the inter-change of information.  (Adopted -- September 20, 2003). 



July's Workshop will be held at West Des Moines Christian Church at 4501 Mills Civic Parkway in West Des Moines.  To get there from Interstate 35, exit at Mills Civic Parkway, exit 70.  Turn east onto Mills Civic Parkway and drive about .9 of a mile.  The West Des Moines Christian Church will be on the north side of Mills Civic Parkway.   We will meet in Building #3 which is the one closest to Prairie Life Fitness.


Joanie Zeier Poole  

Wednesday, July 27 (9am - 4pm) --  CHOOSING, ADAPTING, AND USING QUILTING DESIGNS --

Plan for a day of fun and discovery creating your own quilting designs with Joanie's easy paper template method! Using simple tools and skills from the art world, learn to manipulate almost any image, including stencils and paper patterns, to fill the quilt top with perfectly coordinating squares, triangles and multi-sized borders. Prior to class, each student constructs a small quilt top that is used to demonstrate how various spaces are divided and filled and to show a variety of marking procedures. All experience levels, any quilting technique --no machines required.  Material fee of $3.00 to be collected in class.

Thursday, July 28 (9am - 4pm) -- NEW  BACKGROUND BONANZA -- From the ripple stipple to simple grids, from headbands to lazy daisies, filling the quilt background with interesting patterns that create texture, depth and movement is not only possible with machine quilting, Joanie encourages it. Enjoy a full and creative day expanding your free-motion skills creating a wholecloth sampler of patterns used to anchor the entire top or just fill in around stitched motifs. Includes an impressive portfolio of stitched examples of the techniques. Pattern is needed before class to do preparation work for class and is available from Val Russell for $6.  Contact Val at
Anita Shackelford  
Wednesday, October 26 (9am - 4pm) -- BRODERIE PERSE APPLIQUE -- Take inspiration from a special fabric and design a chintz appliqué block in a style that is traditional or today. Practice both blind stitch and blanket stitch edges.  
Thursday, October 27 (9am - 4pm) -- SPRING BOUQUET -- Create a bouquet of carnation, wildflowers and lily-of-the-valley tied with a bow. Techniques covered are corded stems, stuffed appliqué, two types of ruching, free-form berries and lily-of-the-valley, unit-appliqué ribbon and embroidery embellishment.  
August Charity Auction


The Annual Charity Quilt Auction to support Women's Health will be on Tuesday Evening, August 23rd. This is an event that is open to the public to participate. The cause is worthy but what is more important is coming together and having a good time. The charities we will be donating to this year are: (1) American Heart Association, (2) Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and (3) Foundation For Women's Cancer.


Let's make it a year where there is something for everyone. All donated items are greatly appreciated. To accommodate time, the Mall in the Hall will handle all donations with the value of $50 or less.  Here are specifics for the evening:


DONATIONS: Here are ideas for donations: quilts, notions, tools, books, baskets, fabric, kits, patterns, etc. Deliver all items by 5:00 p.m. on August 23 at the Church.  

Auction Items should have the name of the group or individual donating the item and a quick note of contents and approximate value on a 3X5 card.  

Mall in the Hall items should have the garage sale price marked to save time. 


TIME and PLACE:  Mall in the Hall will be in the Fellowship Hall and will start at 5:30 p.m. 


The Auction will be held in the Sanctuary beginning at 6:00 p.m. Viewing of items will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the sanctuary. Please take time to browse what is available and get a close look.



Mall in the Hall items must be paid for in the Fellowship Hall. 

Auction Items will be paid to the banker at the back of the sanctuary before you leave. 

You will receive your item when it is won during the bidding process, a scribe will take the description of the item, the amount accepted for the bid, and take the information to the bankers in the back. 


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  THANKS to the Bitsy Chicks and So What small groups for managing the Mall in the Hall. 

Additional volunteers are needed: Bid Numbers and Sign In (4:45 and 6:00 shifts), Announcers (6:00 and 7:30), Donation Helpers (5:00), Isle Helpers (5:45), Scribes (5:45), and Runners (5:45). None of these are hard jobs and the work of many hands help so all can enjoy the fun.  If you wish to volunteer, please contact Barb Smalley at the July 26 meeting or by e-mail at or by phone at 515-279-2651    




Again this year, we are going to have a Mall in the Hall at the August Charity Auction Guild meeting.  Items donated in this area are priced so they can be purchased immediately throughout the auction.  Last year this area collected over $2,000 so we want to do even better this year.


How can you help, you ask?  Bring quilt related items that can be priced between $1 and $50.  Get your small group involved and make items to donate or clean out your sewing area.  Items can include fabric,  fabric kits, themed baskets of goodies, quilted items, tools, quilt accessories, UFO's, books etc.  We ask that NO magazines be brought for this year's Mall.  


Price your items with garage sale prices .Bring your items early (around 5 o'clock) the night of the auction so that you can help the Sew What small group get them displayed. 


Then come to the Mall before and during the live auction and purchase some of the wonderful items that will be for sale.  Let's make this the best year yet for the charities supported by this exciting event.


Questions?  Call Sharon Meisenheimer at 986-1145







Quilt Show News


By the time you read this, all quilt entries will have been submitted and we will begin putting together the information for the AQS Show Booklet and for the tags to be displayed with the quilts. Thanks to everyone who submitted entries. Your quilts allow AQS to say that the Des Moines AQS Show has the largest number of quilts on display of any show in the country.


In addition to your quilt entries, remember the following in preparation for the show:

Make a Little Quilt to donate to the Little Quilt Auction. Little Quilts should be turned in to Leigh Lussie by September 1.


Sell Raffle Tickets (or purchase some yourself)! The raffle quilt and the Little Quilt Auction are two of our major sources of income each year so it is important that everyone participate.


Encourage others to attend the show. You don't have to be a quilter to appreciate all of the artistry represented. Good attendance is beneficial to our Guild as well as to AQS.


Check out the AQS website for information about the great lectures and classes that will be available during the show. To print out a show brochure, click  here


Every quilt entered in the show must have a 4" sleeve on the back for hanging. You can find written directions for making and attaching a sleeve by clicking here


Bonnie Browning has also created a short video that you can watch on My Quilt Place by clicking here


Martha Henrichs and Kathy Russi



2011 Veterans Quilt Challenge  

We have a phenomenal Guild! In addition to all of the wonderful placemats, pillowcases, and children's charity quilts you normally donate, members have stepped up to the plate to make quilts for veterans in care facilities in Des Moines. We are two-thirds of the way to our goal of 150 quilts. It has been fun to see all of the different styles and designs that have been donated. We will be accepting donations through the first of October and the quilts will be part of a special display at the show.  Just to recap, veteran's quilts should be at least 48" x 60" and can be up to twin size. Because they will be washed in commercial machines, please prewash quilt fabric before assembling your quilt. Thanks again for your contributions.

Community Service


After living 33 years in the Des Moines area, 14 of which in our current home, my husband Jay and I are packing up and moving to new opportunities in Norman, Oklahoma. The past weeks have been busy for us and I just recently began sorting out my sewing room.  Like most of you my sewing room is full of fabrics, books, UFO's and gadgets galore!!  The upcoming Charity Auction and Mall in the Hall in August couldn't come at a better time.  My piles of items are growing larger daily!  How does that saying go?  What's one man's (in this case woman's!) junk is another's treasure!  Well, hopefully my donations will be a treasure to many of you.  I have several antique quilts that will be included in the auction and of course I haven't forgotten Community Service.  A large overflowing tub of fabrics will be passed on to Deanna for future projects.


Keep those donations coming and remember there are only 3 months left to make them; July, August and October.  We have collected the final two quilts for St. Joseph's family shelter.  A huge thank you to the members who helped achieve our goal of 29 twin quilts!!


Carolyn Eliason, Community Service Chair


Education Committee 


Photos Needed

To follow the theme of the quilt show this year we are looking for photos, both vintage as well from today, of quilters and groups of quilters.  We hope to gather the photos and put a collage of sorts together showing the community of quilting that is built. 


Please contact me if you have photos that we may use.  If you can, please scan and email photos, or email digital photos to me.  OR you can get me your originals and I will digitize them and return the originals to you.

Feel free to contact me with questions at 515-999-2746 or by E-mail:

To Mail:  Jill Reber, 10481 NW 107th Avenue, Granger IA  50109  

ladies aid


State Fair Sew-In

You can help by bringing 2 yard cuts of juvenile print for backs for the quilts.  Solid colored fabric is also needed for bindings.  These can be brought to the meetings.


If you are interested in being an associate to help fair goers for a 12-5 shift, contact Sharon.  Otherwise, come to the fair and sew any day from 12-5.  Come and stay as much of that time as you like.


Sharon Meisenheimer and Jill Reber


"Little Quilts" for 2011 Quilt Show 


Last Chance DMAQG Members!


There is still time for anyone who has not made a "little quilt" for the quilt show's silent auction. We will accept "little quilts" at the July meeting and also at the August charity auction. I will be in the church nave during the August auction--so you Mall-in-the-Hallers--don't forget to come upstairs and see me. If you are unable to attend either meeting or are simply needing a bit more time, call me and drop off your "little quilt" by September 1. The generosity of our members in making these quilts is greatly appreciated, as they support our programs and speakers. Thank you to everyone who helps to support our guild with your wonderful talent.


Leigh Lussie, 276-0041


Fall Retreat -- November 17-20


We do not know where the summer is going.  Retreat will be here before you know it. We hope you are planning to attend this falls semi annual retreat.  Registration will be limited this fall so please be making your plans soon.  Registration will be available in August.
Retreat Co-Chairs   Arda Mathern & Maggie Simons

Treats for 2012 Guild Meetings


It's not too soon to be thinking about treats for next year's guild meetings. As you meet with your small group this summer, why not talk about what month you would like to help out. You will need to plan on an average of 150 members in the afternoon and 100 in the evening  At our October meeting, we will pass around sign-up sheets so you can be the first ones to volunteer!!!  We all enjoy the socializing after the meetings and love to have that cup of coffee or lemonade and a cookie or two. So be ready at those October meetings.

Carol Thomason and Pat Knight


Botanical Center Fundraiser


The Friends of the Des Moines Botanical Center have a beautiful 1930's Lone Star quilt in mint condition, solid fabric pastels, hand quilted. 75" x 82".  The Botanical Center is asking $800 or best offer. For more information, please contact Martha Henrichs,





Please stop by and visit our new and improved DMAQG website at for information about upcoming quilt shows and other events taking place around the area, our newsletter archive, as well as other useful information.



Quilt Shows you might want to check out:  


July 1 thru September 30 --- Northern Illinois Quilt Fest 


August 5-7 ---  Reiman Gardens


September 16-18 --- Eastern Iowa Heirloom Quilters