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Mary Sorensen 

Learn to Love Needleturn!

Tuesday, July 24th


Mary Sorensen

Specializing in traditional fine hand appliqué done from original patterns, Mary's distinctive design style is characterized by elegant, formal lines, complex layering of small pieces, and an emphasis on using a myriad of fabrics to create visual texture and excitement. Her flawless appliqué technique and humorous, hands-on approach to teaching have motivated students to return to handwork with enthusiasm. 


Mary has taught and lectured at guilds and conferences throughout the United States. She designs and markets a full line of appliqué patterns sold in quilt shops across the country. In addition to exhibiting at the AQS annual show in Paducah, KY and Quilt Expo VI in Innsbruck, Austria, Mary's appliqué was recognized with a blue ribbon at the IQA annual show in Houston, TX. Her work has also appeared in the AQS Quilt Art Engagement Calendar, Traditional Quiltworks magazine, American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens Quilt-Lovers' Favorites


Afternoon lecture: Buy Everything! A Practical Approach to Fabric Selection. Your fabric selections have a huge impact on the success of your quilts. Through a series of examples, Mary removes some of the mysteries of this process, so you can approach your next quilt with confidence and enthusiasm. 


Evening lecture: Appliqué and Piecing, Making Quilts That Have It All. This lighthearted presentation explores the possibilities and pitfalls of combining these two fundamental techniques. 


Guild meetings are held at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the West Des Moines United Methodist Church at 8th & Grand, West Des Moines.


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Piecetime News

July 2012 



Hi Quilting Friends:

Warm winter, early spring, and hot summer have given us something to talk about. However, it is much more fun to think about petting our fabric and designing an "Iowa Beauty." We are no longer limited to a small sewing basket and a sewing machine on the kitchen table. We have turned a bedroom or basement into a sewing room--whole closets into a space to organize our stash of fabric and so many tools, books, patterns, and magazines--that occasionally we actually lose track of items. We have so many "Small Blessings" right in our sewing room.

President's Challenge:
I encourage you to draw one of your Small Blessings and lay out a 40"W x 30"H design. It is time to start creating your "Small Blessing" in fabric. The Christmas Tea may seem a long way off, but sewing and quilting will take awhile as these are one-person quilts. We are eager to have many to display, and members will vote for their 8 favorite Blessings. You will have a Blessing to display at home for your family to enjoy.

The "Uff Da" 2011 President's Challenge quilts have been juried into the AQS show again. What an honor! The 8 quilts will be brought to our July meeting and sent to AQS to be shown at the Michigan Show.

Charity Auction:
August 28, 2012. Last year in 3 hours you donated $13,000. This is a Big Deal.

  1. Bring quilting items to the Mall in the Hall. Price your items under $49.
  1. Bring quilting items to the Auction. Identify items and note value over $50.

* Quilt tops, finished quilts, baskets full of quilting items.

* Donated by small groups and individuals.

  1. Bring friends and a generous heart to donate Women's Health Issues.

Our charities for 2012 are

* Susan G. Komen Foundation

* American Heart Association

* Arthritis Foundation 


Quilt Show:
Somehow find time to finish the quilts that you entered into our show. Donate to the "Small Quilt Silent Auction." And prepare to purchase at least $10 to $20 worth of Show Quilt raffle tickets. Our sales at the Quilt Show provide the money for the 9 outstanding national lecturers that we are able to have at our monthly meetings. We are very careful with our budget in order to keep our dues low. However, we need your generosity at the quilt show--for you to purchase raffle tickets for the Show Quilt and to bid on the Silent Auction items. Education is our mission and we have all been blessed by the quality of national lecturers that the guild has been able to bring to us.

Enjoy the Blessings of summer, warm weather, vacations, farmers markets, friendships, and family gathering. Oh yes, visit your sewing room weekly to keep that creative enjoyment going.

Barbara Smalley, President

President, Barbara Smalley



A big thank you to everyone who entered quilts to be viewed this year at the DMAQG show October 3-6, 2012 at the Iowa Events Center. The committee is working hard to make this a great show again this year, and thanks to your entries we're off to a great start.

Drop-off for finished quilts is September 21-27. All quilts should be placed in a clean pillowcase. These will be available at the next two guild meetings and at the drop-off sites. Non-judged quilts are dropped off at The Quilt Block. Judged quilts are dropped off at Creekside Quilting. We are looking forward to seeing your quilts at the show.

Also, if you have an opportunity to view quilts this year at the Iowa State Fair, be sure to check out the pineapple pieced and appliquéd show quilt. We know you'll want to purchase lots of raffle tickets after you see it. Tickets can be purchased at the show.

Marcia Jacobs and Ginny Barchman
2012 Quilt Show Co-chairs


Quilt Show Quilt



Our theme for the quilt show revolves around the symbolism of pineapples. Pineapples represented hospitability in early America. The placemats that we make and are distributed by Community Giving will be our challenge this year. We have broadened our areas to include all of our surrounding counties "Meals on Wheels" programs. These new programs are very excited to be included in our "Hospitality Placemats Challenge"!

Please continue to turn in your placemats at meetings throughout the year. Challenge your small group to make placemats. Teach a child or friend to quilt on this simple project. Consider making some with holiday themes. We will have a special display at the quilt show showcasing our "Challenge."  The placemats will then be distributed to each coordinator in the surrounding counties. 

If you have questions, please contact Deanna Wilson, Karen Macon, or Jill Reber 



We are getting ready for another big year for "Little Quilts and More" at the quilt show. Last year was so very successful and we know this year will be even bigger and better!

We have made a few changes that we want you to know about. We have increased the size of little quilts to 24" per side or a total of four sides equaling 96". In addition to little quilts we are expanding to include bags, totes, and purses--which must also abide by the total of 96". Please remember that many of our pieces are mailed out at the close of the show. Anything you make must be able to be folded up and MUST fit one of the several Post Office "if it fits, it ships" boxes.

Like every other year, the Guild depends on the generosity, great skill, and creativity of our members to make outstanding pieces that we offer for sale at our show. These quilted objects are a main source of income for our Guild. So, once again we are asking for your help in contributing to the success of our quilt show by making a little quilt, bag, tote, or purse for the silent auction.

Leigh Lussie, Quilt Show Member for "Silent Auction"  



Treasured Quilts for this year's AQS Show will be quilts made from pineapple pieced blocks or from appliquéd pineapple blocks. These quilts should have been completed before 2012, but need not be antique quilts.

Let me know if you have such a quilt or know someone who does. My phone number is (515) 285-0836 or my email is

Thanks! Barb Eckoff 



Thank you to all the small groups who have updated their records. Nine groups have updated just since the last guild meeting! 

We shall be spotlighting our groups in articles in Piecetime News.
If your group's name is not on the following list, please go to the website, print the form, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the bottom of the form.

Binding Sisters
Bold & Batty
Errloom Quilters
Legendary Ladies
Loose Threads
Monday Basket Quilters
Nine Patch Quilters
Pin Pals
Rotary Cut-Ups
Rowdie Rippers
Sacred Heart Quilters
Sew Bee It
Sew N' Sews
Sew Sew Joyful
Southside Quilters
Stitchin' B's
Stitchin Sisters
The Drake Quilters
Three Sisters
Tuesday Morning Cut-Ups
Twisted Sisters
Wild Rose Appliqué

These groups have not yet updated:

Bitsy Chicks
Central Iowa Textile Artists
Cutting Edge
Empty Spools
Fiber Artists of Greater Des Moines
First Monday Appliqué
Itch'n to Stitch
Needle Cases
Pedal Pushers
Piece Corp
Rather Bee Quilters
Rotary Strippers
Seams Sew Easy

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Peggy Kirk, Vice President

 Peggy Kirk



It is that time of year again. The nominating committee is looking for those of you who are ready and willing to serve on the 2013 board of directors.

The positions that need to be filled are these:


Vice President
Corresponding Secretary
Program Chairs-elect
Quilt Show Chairs-elect
Community Giving
Retreat Co-chairs

If you would like to fill one of these positions or you know of someone who would be "perfect" for the job, please contact me by email or phone.

Peggy Kirk, Vice President



On Saturday, June 23rd, Guild members met at the West Des Moines Public Library for a charity sewing day during which we cut and sewed quilt tops, placemats, and pillowcases.

June Sewing Day Photo 1 June Sewing Day Photo 2
June Sewing Day Photo 3 June Sewing Day Photo 4
June Sewing Day Photo 5 June Sewing Day Photo 6

Your help is still needed. The Community Giving Committee will have many packets of placemats, clothing protectors, and quilts for you to pick up on July 24th at both the afternoon and evening meetings. 

Deanna Wilson, Community Giving



On June 18th and 19th, we had our June Kid's Classes at the West Des Moines Library. The classes were a huge success as 22 kids experienced the joy of quilting, some for the first time. Each child finished their quilt and was very proud, as you can see! Thanks to our team of volunteer teachers who made these classes run smoothly!

June Kids Class Photo 1
June Kids Class Photo 2
June Kids Class Photo 3

We can still use 2 yard cuts of kid fabric (not baby) and solid colors 1/2 yard and larger for bindings for upcoming events.  Thank you for all who have donated fabric so far.

Thank you to all the members and small groups did some prep work for the classes. Please remember to return the cut strips at one of the July meetings or get them to Sharon before August 1st.

Sharon Meisenheimer and Jill Reber
Education Outreach



Look for additional small group spotlights in future issues of the newsletter.


Sew Sew Joyful

"To us it is about giving." This theme keeps coming up from the members of Sew Sew Joyful, one of DMAQG's small groups.

Members are Anita Gogerty, Bridget Lottman, Judy D'Iapico, Phyllis Salsbury, Sherri Street, and Sue McMain.

Giving is a fitting theme because the group first formed in 2004 when one woman in the refreshment line at a guild meeting overhead another say she had a desire to help make treats! 

They began making quilts together (but didn't stop making treats) and added a few members along the way, eventually forming a tight sisterhood. They say the best thing is the wonderful relationships among them, and they encourage everyone to join or form a small group. They marvel at the variety of personalities in their group. "Everyone brings something."  If they were all combined, "This one person would be an awesome person."

It is giving that makes them joyful. "It fils our hearts." For five years now they have made and donated a quilt for the Southeast Polk Dollars for Scholars program. This year they are even sponsoring a quilt prize at the Iowa State Fair. Their group personality really comes out when they each pick a quilt and randomly give them out at the hospital or on the street.



The Des Moines Area Quilters Guild has adopted the following advertising policy:

  1. Ads must be received by the Newsletter Editor by the 5th of each month in order to be included in that month's newsletter. At this time, there will be no charge for placing the ad in the newsletter.
  2. The ad will appear in the "News" portion of Piecetime which is emailed to the membership on the Friday before the Guild's monthly meeting normally held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.
  3. Ads will only be accepted from DMAQG members whose membership dues are current.
  4. The ad may be for one or two quilting related items only or for a specific date on which the member will have lots of quilting related items for sale.
  5. The ad must include the individual's name, phone number, and/or email address, and a brief description of the item for sale. The Newsletter Editor reserves the right to edit the ad to include pertinent information as she deems appropriate.
  6. Ads will not be accepted from any business, whether commercial or individual.
  7. Individuals will not be allowed to advertise services they provide such as long-arm quilting or advertise items they have for sale on websites such as eBay or Etsy.
  8. If the Newsletter Editor is unsure whether an ad is acceptable, the ad will be presented to the Board of Directors for a decision.


The mission of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild is to stimulate an interest in quilts and quilt making, educating its members, and provide for the inter-change of information. (Adopted -- September 20, 2003).


We have JUST FOUR WORKSHOPS REMAINING THIS YEAR and slots are filling up fast. 


For any workshop, you may mail in your reservation (see link to registration form) along with your workshop fee to Judy Proksa, 99 Linden Blvd., Pleasant Hill, IA 50327. We will also be taking reservations at our meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month. If you'd like to be put on a waiting list while sending in your registration, email Judy at or call her at 515-266-1054. Once your check is received you'll be added to the workshop list.


Linda M   Judy P

            Linda Montet and Judy Proksa

                     Program Co-Chairs



July's workshops will be held at Walnut Ridge Senior Community located at 1701 Campus Drive in Clive.

From I-80/35, exit at University Ave, and turn east. Take the first left onto NW 114th St., and then turn right onto Campus Drive.

From I-235, exit at 50th St. and go north. Continue north as 50th St. turns into NW 114th St. at University Ave., and then turn right onto Campus Drive.

Walnut Ridge is located directly behind the Clive Water Park. Park on the east side of the building and sign in at the front desk. We will meet in the craft room on the second floor, just up the stairs and to the left.  


Mary Sorensen 


Wednesday, July 25 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) Appliqué Potpourri. Explore advanced techniques for precision needleturn appliqué, and raise your skills to a new level. Learn straight-forward techniques for dealing with complex and challenging shapes, layering fabrics without bulk, and precision placement, as you stitch an elegant appliqué nosegay or wreath. Bring your questions and get hands-on help with your personal "trouble spots." Students must have a comfortable knowledge of hand appliqué. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced. Emphasis: Needleturn technique.


Thursday, July 26 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) Baltimore Tribute - Advanced Hand Appliqué Techniques. Baltimore Album quilts remain a source of inspiration for hand appliqué. Using an original basket pattern designed in the spirit of the classic quilts of the mid-1800's, explore advanced needleturn techniques common to Baltimore Album quilts. These include woven baskets, complex flowers, layering without bulk, small circles, challenging shapes, and reverse appliqué. If you love hand appliqué, this class just may tempt you to stitch your own heirloom Baltimore Tribute quilt. Students must have a comfortable knowledge of hand appliqué. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced. Emphasis: Needleturn technique.


Sharon Rotz


Wednesday, October 24 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) String Piecing 101 and Beyond. In hard times, quilters used every bit of their fabric. Today, we can use string piecing techniques to create a delightful mixture of color and pattern. Learn the basics and get creative.


Thursday, October 25 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) Paper Piecing by the Strip. Paper piecing is a wonderful way to make perfect points but can be confusing. How much fabric should be allowed? Where should it be placed? In this class, you will learn the trick of using fabric strips to conquer this useful technique.



It is with deep sorrow that we bring you news of the following death:

Barb Anderson's mother, Norma Norris, died July 1, 2012.


Please stop by and visit our re-designed DMAQG website at for information about upcoming quilt shows and other events taking place around the area, our newsletter archive, as well as other useful information.