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Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012

1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.


Heidi Kaisand

My Quilt Top is Done:

Now What?


West Des Moines United Methodist Church

8th & Grand

West Des Moines   


Heidi Kaisand


"We're surrounded with thousands of pieces of fabric and as many patterns to use them in. But, why is it so hard to decide how to finish our projects? Through this inspiring presentation, I'll provide you with five ways to get those tops turned into useable quilts. You'll see specific examples, including 20 quilts, in person. Have a project you don't know how to finish? Bring it along, and I will select a few to discuss in front of the group."

A graduate of Iowa State University in Consumer Food Science-Food and Nutrition, Heidi began her career at Meredith Corporation in the cookbook division. Then, in 1993, she joined the first American Patchwork & Quilting magazine staff. 


Heidi's passion for quilting helped her make great strides in taking American Patchwork & Quilting magazine to the top of the industry in just a few short years. In addition she helped create and produce many other quilting titles, including Quilt Sampler, Quilts and More, Quilt-Lovers' Favorites, Complete Guide to Quilting, and a calendar.


In September 2007, Heidi took a new direction in the quilting world by taking the position of National Sales Manager at APQS. After years of getting people started quilting, now she is helping them finish their projects on a long-arm machine.


Today, she adds Hen & Chicks Studio -- a new quilt shop at 101 North Main St. in Conrad, IA -- to her long list of creative outlets. Here, Heidi combines 30 years of crafting experiences, a 20-year professional quilting career, and a passion for inspiring others.


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If you would like to list an item for sale or announce a garage/yard/estate sale, please review the advertising policy in the July issue of the newsletter.

Piecetime News

September 2012 



Hi Quilting Friends,

Wow, this is certainly the quilting guild that I want to support. You are so generous in sharing your time and talents that you make us all proud to be members of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild, and I am so fortunate to represent you this year.

Why are my proud buttons popping? For many reasons; however, currently it is because of the guild's Charity Auction. At least 50 of you volunteered to work. Most of you donated items. Approximately 200 of you came to Mall in the Hall, 139 signed up for bid numbers at the auction, and 63 purchased auction items. Our totals are staggering.

Mall in the Hall, operated by "Bitsy Chicks" and the "Sew Whats," brought in $3,158.74 with most sales coming in the first hour. The Charity Auction had many volunteers, including the "Stichin' Sisters," board members, Newcomers (last year's and this year's), plus our Great Auctioneer, Past President, Lynn Johnson. The auction brought in a whopping $10,842.00.

Making a grand total of:
American Heart
Arthritis Foundation
Komen Foundation
Breast Cancer Research

Ladies, that is truly amazing!!! From 5:00 to 8:30 YOU DONATED your time and energy and WE DONATED in 3  hours $14,000.74 to women's health issues. It was a true honor to personally deliver those checks to the three foundations with local offices and to send the research one by Certified Mail.
Donation to American Heart    Donation to Arthritis Foundation
American Heart    Arthritis Foundation
Donation to Komen    Donation to Breast Cancer Research
Komen Foundation    Breast Cancer Research
At the auction we also recognized all of your generous giving to the auction, Community Giving, the summer teaching kids program, the state fair charity sewing room, the inner city weekly sewing, and the Prison Ministry.

Now we must look forward. 

AQS and DMAQG Quilt Show

Needles are flying to finish those quilts entered into the show. Please block out time and volunteer as many days as possible. We get paid by these hours you volunteer. You get into the show free each day you volunteer to work Please use the money you save on the gate fee to support the guild's three sales: Bag Check, Small Quilt Silent Auction, and raffle tickets for the stunning Pineapple Show Quilt.

The sale of raffle tickets supports the nine lectures we have next year. Buying tickets is how you contribute to the quality of lectures that we are able to bring to our meetings. $1 to $5 per lecture times 9 lecturers... Think of buying 9 to 45 raffle tickets.

See you all at the quilt show!

President's Challenge Quilt

Remember in your spare time to work on the President's Challenge Quilt titled "A Small Blessing" (40 inches wide and 30 inches high) for the December Tea and Annual Meeting Saturday, December 1, 2012.

Ladies, you are amazingly generous and tremendously talented. It is a joy to be your friend.

Looking forward to seeing you at the September 25 meeting,

President, Barbara Smalley
Barbara Smalley, President



Our quilt show in conjunction with the AQS Regional Show will be at the Iowa Events Center, October 3-6, 2012. Please check our volunteer sign-up link to volunteer for a shift of fun at the show. Paper sign-up sheets will also be available at the September 25th guild meetings.

If you are showing your quilts, please drop off as follows:  

Non-judged quilts drop-off is at the Quilt Block, beginning September 21 and ending Saturday, September 29. (Yes, there ARE two extra days for non-judged quilts to be dropped off.) Please fold your clean quilts and place each one into a separate pillowcase.

Judged quilts drop-off is at Creekside Quilting, beginning September 21 and ending Thursday, September 27.  Please fold your clean quilts and place each one into a separate pillowcase.

If you entered a quilt in the judged category and can't get it completed by September 27, you can still enter the quilt in the non-judged category until the 29th. Unfortunately, we will not be able to issue any refund of fees. 

Pillowcases will be available at the September guild meetings and at each of the drop-off shops. Or you may use an old pillowcase of your own from home -- which you will not get back.

Details, details, details: Your quilt must have a 4-inch wide hanging sleeve at the top of the back of the quilt. Place the small entry form stub into a zip-lock baggie and pin the baggie to the lower-left corner of the back of your quilt (as you view the quilt from the back). The baggie should be the quart sized bag so that the judging helpers can easily open your baggie and insert the judge's comments about your quilt. Finally, please, remove all pet hairs and odors from your quilt.


Tickets for the raffle quilt go on sale beginning September 23 and ending October 6, 2012. Please share a copy of the Quilt Show poster with your friends and neighbors to increase interest in this guild fundraising effort. Tickets cost $1 each, or $5 for six tickets. Look for the raffle quilt hanging at Quilters Cupboard in Ankeny until September 26.

This show will be SO fun -- so we hope that everyone participates, either as a volunteer or as a displayer of your own quilt -- or both.

Your Quilt Show Committee


Quilt Show Quilt



Last chance, quilters, to complete your "little quilt." Already we have received a number of wonderful "little gems" for our auction at the quilt show. Your valuable input is so important to our guild's programming for next year.


All the "little quilts" must be completed and turned in no later than the September 25th guild meeting.

Please make a label or sign the back of your creations. We want to give credit to everyone on the bidding sheets. Also, we have found that those winning the bids like to know who made them.


Remember a few guidelines:
  • The total of all four sides cannot exceed 96 inches.
  • Most "little quilts" are mailed after the show. Please, no frames or embellishments that make fitting the quilt in a mailing envelope or box difficult or make it more expensive to mail.
  • September guild meeting is deadline for completion.
Thanks to everyone who supports our efforts in this endeavor.

Please contact me with questions at 515-276-0041 or at

Leigh Lussie, Quilt Show Member for "Silent Auction"  



Thank you to all the groups who have updated their records.

There are still a few stragglers that I would love to hear from. If your group has not updated yet, please go to the website, download the Small Group Form, fill it out, and send it in.

Small Group Membership Fair

Now that we have all this wonderful information, we are going to have a Small Group Membership Fair at the September meetings. It will be in the Friendship Room for 45 minutes before both the afternoon and evening meetings and during Coffee and Treats after the meetings.

Those small groups who are looking for new members should have a representative present to meet and greet those who are looking for a group.

Those of you who are looking for a group, this is your opportunity to find a group that meets your needs.

Fall is coming and this is the time to get involved with a small group.

Peggy Kirk
Peggy Kirk, Vice President



Thank you to all who have expressed an interest in volunteering for board position for next year. We need many more.  


If you are interested in a board position or know of someone who would be an asset to the board, please contact me.


Peggy Kirk, Vice President

Karen Macon and I have collected 567 placemats! We are ready for the quilt show display for Community Giving. We also will be displaying 45 pillowcases, 52 quilts, and 10 clothing protectors. We will be collecting items for the quilt show at our meeting on September 25th.


If you have donated to Community Giving anytime this year and did not sign our donation sheet, please sign at the September 25th meeting. At the December Tea we will have a drawing from ALL of the donors in 2012 for a workshop of your choice in 2013!

Deanna Wilson, Community Giving

Get your projects ready for our Fall Retreat. It will be here before you know it. This year the dates are November 8th through the 11th. We will have two sewing rooms, good food, good friends, and lots of chocolate. 

Registration forms will be available at the September and October meetings. We will also have it on the website so you can print it off and mail it in beginning September 25th.

We had a lot of fun at the spring retreat, so if you've never come before you really need to try it. We welcome you, and you'll be sure to make new friends.

Nan Earll, Retreat Co-chair


Small groups are one of the most effective ways for members of the guild to connect with one another. For more information, visit our website > Membership > Small Groups, or contact Peggy Kirk, Vice President.


We will attempt to spotlight one small group each month. Look for additional small group spotlights in future issues of the newsletter. Sew Sew Joyful was spotlighted in the July 2012 issue.


Legendary Ladies


The Legendary Ladies are, indeed, legendary. This group formed in the first couple years after the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild itself formed. Many of the original members were in Sacred Heart Quilters, one of the other first small groups (which is also still meeting to this day). Their name came about simply because they needed a name and had once met at Legends American Grill!


Current members are Opal Berard, Nellie Bobenhouse, Florence Burch, Joanne DeDecker, Nylene Dory, Jenny Gunderman, Marcia Jensen, Peggy Kirk, Suzanne Lemon, Karen Macon, Carol Olson, Deanna Wilson, and Lola Zimmerman.


The group is chatty and helpful, avoiding "contentious subjects like football." Meetings begin with a show & tell of quilts and other crafts that members are working on. Advice is offered freely, and they share with each other the latest tips and tools that they have found. This small group is one where a member can speak up after being told by a judge that there is a specific thing wrong with a quilt, and get neither platitudes nor ridicule, but practical advice for improvement.


In addition to helping each other individually, they've done group projects such as row quilts. They take their turn at providing treats after guild meetings, and every year they put together a basket for the guild's Women's Health Issues Charity Auction. Did you see the gorgeous Christmas quilt and other Christmas decorating items they donated this year?



The mission of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild is to stimulate an interest in quilts and quilt making, educating its members, and provide for the inter-change of information. (Adopted -- September 20, 2003).  




For any workshop, you may mail in your registration form along with your workshop fee to Judy Proksa, 99 Linden Blvd., Pleasant Hill, IA 50327. We will also be taking reservations at our meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month. If you'd like to be put on a waiting list while sending in your registration, email Judy at or call her at 515-266-1054. Once your check is received you'll be added to the workshop list.


Linda MJudy P

Linda Montet and Judy Proksa, Program Co-chairs 


Sharon Rotz


Wednesday, October 24 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) String Piecing 101 and Beyond. In hard times, quilters used every bit of their fabric. Today, we can use string piecing techniques to create a delightful mixture of color and pattern. Learn the basics and get creative.


Thursday, October 25 (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) Paper Piecing by the Strip. Paper piecing is a wonderful way to make perfect points but can be confusing. How much fabric should be allowed? Where should it be placed? In this class, you will learn the trick of using fabric strips to conquer this useful technique.


Please stop by and visit our re-designed DMAQG website at for information about upcoming quilt shows and other events taking place around the area, our newsletter archive, as well as other useful information.