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There will be NO program until October because of the AQS/ Des Moines Quilt Show the end of September.


Our next guild meeting will be on Tuesday, October 25, and Anita Shackelford will be the speaker. 


The topic of her afternoon lecture will be "Designing the New Album Quilt." The evening lecture will be "Applique With Folded Cutwork."



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 Broderie Perse Applique---Supply list available from Val Russell




Spring Bouquet--Supply List available from Val Russell

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September 2011 



CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to all of the IOWA STATE FAIR WINNERS!  You will find the list of Guild member winners later in this newsletter.


SPECIAL THANKS to Barb Smalley for an exceptional job with the Charity Auction this year! I believe fun was had by all and many thanks to the great volunteers. Sharon Meisenheimer and her group again kept the Mall in the Hall under control and in full force. I should be used to the giving attitude of this Guild but again in economic stress you come through loud and clear with your time, monies, donations, etc. to give, give, give...


Can you believe it is September already? Time for the Quilt Show, school starting, and the start of cooler weather. The colors, textures, and adventure for starting a new quilt all come to me in this Fall Season. It has been an incredible month of surprises for me with taking a cruise to Alaska (need a new road trip--yes, they have quilt shops up there), realizing and participating in the 9-11 tenth anniversary memorials, and recognizing that we are soon at the end of another guild year with only one regular meeting left. My Grandma was always telling us when we were bored that time flies so quickly so find something you love and do it! She was a wise woman and highly responsible for my quilting skills.


At the August board meeting it was decided to keep our meetings at the West Des Moines Methodist Church and ensuring we respected the church's stance on raffles. It was decided to discontinue the Raffle Quilt and move to other ideas for fund raisers. It was not a decision that was made lightly and we had great discussion around costs, revenues, and on-going expenses that would change based on our decision. We know a show quilt is important and the show committee is working through the details on next year's quilt(s) and the fund raising around this. Another example of change that is not easy but creates us to think out of the box. You have a GREAT board and although an emotional decision was facing us--they logically went through what was best for our Guild and our members!


Be ready to say yes when you have a member of the Board Nominating Committee call--I have been honored to be on the Board for the past two years. We have the Best of the Best!!! They face tough decisions that make the meetings, shows, etc. seem like there is nothing to it but the truth of the matter is they put a lot of time behind everything that goes on. This is my second time on the Board and I can only tell you it has given me steadfast friendships that I could not have hoped for. The positions being voted on this year are: Vice President, Recording Secretary, a Director at Large, Program Chair Elect(s), and Quilt Show Elect(s). The Committee Members are co-chairs for Community, Library, Retreat, and Newsletter Editor. We are fortunate to have candidates for the VP, Recording Secretary, and Community spots. If you are interested in any positions, please contact the current board members.


Keep the Quilt Show Committee in positive thoughts this month! A lot is going on and they make it look so easy. I can't wait to see the quilts, vendors, winners, and just being there! What a special thing that we can give of our talents to men and women who have served our country this year in the wake of the 10th anniversary of 9-11. We owe so much to those who served before this event to keep such a happening from occurring before the devastation on 9-11-01 and now for those who serve and keep us safe since that day. THANKS to Kathy and Martha for moving us into action and for all the wonderful veterans quilts. Guild--You have Spirit, Love, Compassion, and I'm so proud to be a member of your group!


UFFDA--I could go on and on this month. Take a day and do some quilting---You deserve it!!!!


Diane Thiese---President


Upcoming 2011 Workshops 

The mission of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild is to stimulate an interest in quilts and quilt making, educating its members, and provide for the inter-change of information.  (Adopted -- September 20, 2003).

October's Workshop  will be held at 
West Des Moines Christian Church at 4501 Mills Civic Parkway in West Des Moines.  To get there from Interstate 35, exit at Mills Civic Parkway, exit 70.  Turn east onto Mills Civic Parkway and drive about .9 of a mile.  The West Des Moines Christian Church will be on the north side of Mills Civic Parkway. We will meet in Building #3 which is the one closest to Prairie Life Fitness.  


Anita Shackelford  
Wednesday, October 26 (9am - 4pm) -- BRODERIE PERSE APPLIQUE -- Take inspiration from a special fabric and design a chintz appliqué block in a style that is traditional or today. Practice both blind stitch and blanket stitch edges.  

Thursday, October 27 (9am - 4pm) -- SPRING BOUQUET -- Create a bouquet of carnation, wildflowers and lily-of-the-valley tied with a bow. Techniques covered are corded stems, stuffed appliqué, two types of ruching, free-form berries and lily-of-the-valley, unit-appliqué ribbon and embroidery embellishment.  


 Newcomers Meetings  

The Newcomers Program for September will be held on Tuesday, September 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Urbandale Library. We will have two teachers: Pat Hjelmeland on finishing a quilt and Shirley Loeffler on binding your quilt.


Upcoming Meetings:


October 18--How to Organize Your Scraps with Sarah Harless.  This will be our final meeting for 2011.


If you have any qiestions, please call me at 515-279-2651.


 Barb Smalley, Vice President 




TAG--The Applique Group

The TAG group meets the third Tuesday of every month at the Quilt Block at 10:00 a.m. Anyone interested in hand or machine applique is welcome. We are a very informal group, and usually talk and sew and then have show and tell. Some go to The General Store after the meeting for lunch. This is a great meeting for people who want to learn more because we have a good range of appliquers from new to very experienced. If you have any questions please contact Nancy Earll at 515-321-4949 or

Evening Applique Society 

We will NOT have a meeting in September.



TIME: The 1st Thursday of the Month beginning October 6th @ 6:30 pm

PLACE: The Quilt Block in Valley Junction

If applique is your passion, either by hand or machine, gather your bags and items, we are regrouping again. You can be a Blue Ribbon winner or just starting out with a project and learning the techniques of the trade....all are welcome. This is a group for having fun and getting away for a couple hours.

The group meets at The Quilt Block on the 1st Thursday of the month @ 6:30 until.......

Mary Miller (or one of her staff members) is kind enough to stay until we are ready to leave. If you forget anything, the shop with gladly open the register for sales of needed or must have products. Bring show & tell, UFO's and cash or credit cards.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeannie Murphy at 515-440-2160 or  


1800s Quilt Study Group
The 1800s Quilt Study Group will NOT be meeting in September.
Please join us for our next meeting on October 27th at 6:30 pm at the Quilt Block in Valley Junction. The topic will be "Stripes". In the meantime, you can join the discussion by joining our group on Yahoo.
Go to and search for 1800studygroup.
For questions or assistance, contact Virginia Berger at



Are You Ready for the Quilt Show??


By the time you read this, the 2011 Quilt Show will be just a few days away! Thanks to everyone who has worked to ensure that this year's show will be a success.


Enjoy the quilt show! Make sure you check out the AQS contest quilts and special exhibits as well as the DMAQG show. In the DMAQG show we will feature a Gallery of Veteran's Quilts made up of the quilts that you have so generously made and donated this year. Don't forget to shop at the great selection of vendors. Encourage your friends and family members to attend also.


Here is some information about the show that may be helpful:


Quilt Entry Drop Off - Place each quilt in a pillowcase for drop off. Use an old pillowcase because you will not get the same pillowcase back. Some extra pillow cases will be available at the drop off sites.


September 19 - 24 - Non-judged quilt drop off at the Quilt Block during regular store hours.


September 17 - 22 - Judged quilt drop off at Creekside Quilting during regular store hours.


Important: Every quilt must have a 4" sleeve sewn on the back at the top of the quilt. See the website for sleeve directions by CLICKING HERE


Volunteer at the Show - There are still volunteers needed for various positions at the show. Please volunteer for at least one shift. You get into the show free the day that you volunteer. Go to to sign up or contact Diane Crawford at


Raffle tickets - Did you know that the DMAQG raffle quilt, Gathering Prairie Petals, won a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair? Sale of raffle tickets is an important source of income for our guild. Please sell raffle tickets or purchase them yourself. Tickets and money may be turned at the quilt show or to Andra Sims before the show. If you need more tickets, contact Andra at


Take down - The quilt show will be over before we know it. Take down will begin at 5 p.m. on October 1. You must pick up your quilts in person or arrange to have someone else pick it up for you. Take down generally is finished in less than one hour so you should be present at 5 p.m. to pick up your quilts.




2011 Iowa State Fair Ribbon Winners--DMAQG Members 


 Division 61 - Quilting


Class 169 - Team or Group - Applique

            1st       Linda Arndt

            2nd      Kathy Safris

            4th       Deb Kimball


Class 170 - Team or Group - Scrap

            2nd      Pam Godwin

            HM      Colleen Henrichs


Class 171 - Team or Group - Mixed Technique

            1st       DMAQG Raffle Quilt

            4th       Cynthia Bortell

            HM      Marge Pearson


Class 172 - Team or Group - Block Exchange

            2nd      Donita Fredricks

            HM      Diane Crawford


Class 173 - Team or Group - Pieced

            HM      Deb York


Class 174 - Team or Group - Traditional Pattern

            2nd      Karen Pavlik

            HM      Sue Dolezal


Class 175 - Team or Group - Kit/BOM

            2nd      Mary Martin

            HM      Deb Kimball


Class 176 - Team or Group - Wall Quilt, pieced

            2nd      Mary Shotwell

            3rd       Janet West berg

            HM      Deb Kimball


Class 177 - Team or Group - Wall Quilt, mixed technique

            3rd       Sharon Meisenheimer


Class 178 - Team or Group - Wall Quilt, appliqué

            1st       Leigh Lussie

            2nd      Mary Martin


Class 179 - Team or Group - Wall Quilt, scrap


Class 180 - Combination - First Quilt


Class 181 - Combination - T-shirt

            3rd       Reni Nalevanko


Class 182 - Combination - Tied Quilt


Class 183 - Combination - Memory

            2nd     Anita Gogerty

            4th       Mary Shotwell


Class 184 - Combination - Embroidered by hand

            3rd       Elsie Weaver


Class 185 - Combination - Embroidered by machine

            HM      Reni Nalevanko


Class 186 - Combination - Kit/BOM

            1st       Tricia Beal Snyder

            2nd      Mary Shotwell

            HM      Deb Kimball

            HM      Marilyn Smith


Class 187 - Combination - Whole Cloth Quilt

            1st       Debbi Treusch

            2nd      Greta Wilkinson


Class 188 - Combination - Holiday Quilt

            2nd      Diane Crawford

            4th       Christy Drake

            HM      Marilyn Smith

                        Vicki Swenson


Class 189 - Combination - Found & Finished

            HM      Cindy Ohmart


Class 190 - Combination - Art & Innovative Quilt

            1st       Carole Floyd

            HM      Martha Henrichs


Class 192 - 1 Person - appliqué

            1st       Sharon Meadowcroft


Class 193 - 1 Person - Scrap

            4th       Aileen Taylor


Class 194 - 1 Person - Pieced


Class 195 - 1 Person - Mixed Technique

            2nd      Missie Carpenter


Class 196 - 1 person - Traditional Pattern

            2nd      Anita Gogerty

            3rd       Bridget Lottman


Class 197 - 1 Person - Wall Quilt, appliqué

            1st       Denise Conoan

            2nd      Sharon Meadowcroft

            4th       Missie Carpenter

            HM      Greta Wilkinson

                        Karen Spencer

                        Sharon Meisenheimer


Class 198 - 1 Person - Wall Quilt, pieced (less than 144")

            HM      Marilyn Smith


Class 199 - 1 Person - Wall quilt, pieced (144-300")

            HM      Marilyn Isley


Class 200 - Individual - Wall Quilt, scrap

            2nd      Marilyn Isley

            3rd       Jill Reber

            HM      Tamara Watts-McPhail


Class 201 - Individual - Wall Quilt, mixed technique (less than 144")

            HM      Reni Nalevanko


Class 202 - Individual - Wall Quilt, mixed technique (144-300")

            1st       Jan Jome

            3rd       Cynthia Bortell


Class 203 - Individual - Crib Quilt, appliqué

            1st       Linda Weber


Class 204 - Individual - Crib Quilt, pieced


Class 205 - Individual - Crib Quilt, mixed technique

            1st       Christy Drake

            2nd      Sherri Street


Class 206 - Small and Miniature - Small Quilt, pieced

            1st       Sharon Meisenheimer

            2nd      Mary Martin

            HM      Gayle Kauzlarich


Class 207 - Small and Miniature - Small Quilt, applique

            1st       Linda Montet

            3rd       Donita Fredricks

            HM      Judy D Iapico

            HM      Sharon Meisenheimer


Class 208 - Small & Miniature - Miniature Quilts, pieced

            1st       Sandra Booton

            2nd      Donita Fredricks

            3rd       Gayle Kauzlarich

            HM      Linda Montet


Class 209 - Small & Miniature - Miniature Quilts, appliqué

            2nd      Donita Fredricks


Class 210 - Other Pieced - Table Runner, pieced

            1st:      Mary Lee Martz

            3rd       Deb York


Class 211 - Other Pieced - Table Runner, mixed technique


Class 212 - Other Pieced - Christmas Item

            2nd      Mary Martin

            3rd       Kris Kittrell


Class 213 - Other Pieced - Pillow

            1st       Veronica Koh Eischeid

            2nd      Jennifer Bernard


Class 214 - Other Pieced - Jacket


Class 215 - Other Pieced - Bag

            3rd:      Jennifer Bernard

            4th       Lonnie Parsons


Class 216 - Quilt Block

            1st       Marilyn Smith


Note: Senior Division Results not provided


Special Awards:

            Best of Show:                             Carole Floyd

            Best Machine Quilting:              Deb Treusch

            Judges' Choice:                         Leigh Lussie

            Quilters Sweepstakes Award:  Leigh Lussie



Please stop by and visit our DMAQG website at for  information about upcoming quilt shows and other events taking place around the area, our newsletter archive, as well as other useful information.